Dec. 16th, 2013 08:22 am
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The internet has won. Nothing posted after this could possibly measure up to this video right here. Thank you screenrant for posting this amazing video.

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Adam Lambert's Trespassing album hits number 1 on the Billboard. Congrats to Adam Lambert for being the only openly gay musician to hit the top spot. You've earned it and deserve it I say.

The teaser for Adam's new video Never Close Our Eyes came out (along with the aol sessions version) and all I can say is...that video needs to be out now. I can't wait to actually see it. Better Than I Know Myself was awesome but this just looks fantastic.

And fuck you very much to the Atlantic Wire who referred to Adam Lambert as the Gay Frankenstein and shudders at the thought of Adam being america's "most popular musician". What have you done lately?
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Am a little sick and this made me smile a little bit. A lot goofy and spoofy but completely worth it.

Epic Sales vs. IT office war.

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Even though I took a few semesters of french for my foreign language credit requirements I barely understand most of what he's saying...however his actual words pale in comparison to Bradley freaking Cooper speaking fluently in french. Sexy doesn't even describe it.

The article on yahoo front page had like 900 something comments when I was last there. Crazy people comments and women swooning (me) over Bradley.

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When you can have Adam Lambert tongue diving?!.. Seriously that man is like the best thing to happen to fans everywhere.

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So Happy 28th to you boy.

And for your entertainment here is Adam singing his song Strut on Ellen's birthday show.

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