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Obligatory resource post. Let me know if I have your stuff and your not credited here. I want everybody to be credited for their stuff. I've tried really hard to keep up with everyone's stuff but I know I have to have missed someone. I've d/led to many people's stuff not to have. What can I say? I'm a texture and brush whore.

Most wonderful people in all the land )

I'm sure there are others but I can't think right now. My computer crashed and all my links are now gone. If you see something of yours but credit for it is not in here then please let me know. It is NOT my intention to steal anything.

[Edit] Some of the brush makers made textures I took and likewise some of the texture makers made brushes that I took.

Icon post

May. 5th, 2006 02:30 pm
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Lotta icons under the cut. I was going for mostly simple as this is only my 3rd time making icons. So please be nice. If you don't like something tell me what I could do better.

These icons are dedicated to [ profile] cappagraphics since she's the whole reason I'm now making icons. And plus I wanted to show her that her hard work is very appreciated.


57 icons under here )
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Made more Zacky icons. These are slightly better than my last one. They are all variations of the same icon base. These are the results of playing around with psp and getting to know it a little better.

Here's the base. Feel free to take it and tweak it to your heart's desire. I'd love to see the finished product. The rest are under the cut.

a. b.

Zacky Happy Hour )

Since I'm in the habit of using one picture at a time to
make 1 thousand icons I like to show the picture that I used.

Picture here )

1 more icon

Apr. 3rd, 2006 06:13 am
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I made another icon. It's Zacky Vengeance. It's a screenshot from the Beast and the Harlot video. I'm not as proud of it as I am my other one. But I'm still learning.

My Zacky icon )

I also made the banners that are in my userinfo. Those were easy to make cause I just threw stuff together and out came those.

I think I'm gettin the hang of it abit. Though there is no way in hell I'm ever gonna be great at it.
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So... I actually made an icon.. all by myself. Yes I'm acting like it's a big deal. And... yes I know that people do it all the time. But not me. This is the first time I've felt comfortable showing an icon that I made. It's not anything special but it's mine and like I said I'm super-obsessed proud of it. And it's not by far the best. But hey, you gotta start somewhere.

If you happen to come across this please leave a comment and tell me what you think. Whether you like it hate tell me I should never try again. I'm ready to listen and I can always use advice.

1. 4.

More of the same icons )

Made from a picture I found while surfing for Jared Padalecki pictures. It's become one of my most favoritest pics and it's constantly being used and abused by my horrid icon making. Poor thing.

Precious Pic )

Also I'd like to totally pimp [ profile] cappa8's icon journal. Cause I demanded requested Jared icons and she totally went and made some. She makes amazing icons. It's [ profile] cappagraphics. I think she's made it friends only so you have to friend her to see the icons. And she asks that if you use her stuff to first comment then credit. It's only fair.

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