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Sorry to everyone who reads this but I'm going to be ranting about really stupid people for a minute. It is not my intention to insult anybody but the people who this post is refering to so I suggest you go away if your feelings get hurt easily.

First off I should explain that I listen to and read alot of fic on my ipod. I've also developed the habit of calling read aloud fic audiofic and the written ipod fic podfic (though podfic means audio also). I also know that written ipod fic is actually called pdf or whatever else people like to call it.

It's amazing how when you do something like that it seems to offend a lot of people. Alot of people who apparently feel the need to correct me. If I had wanted to be corrected I'd have put up an open for correction sign on my post. Let's forget about the fact that we've been nic naming things since forever. For example I absolutely DO NOT call my newborn niece Squishy when it is so obviously not her name.

Well, thanks people for the little useless lesson that I really wasn't interested in. Though I now know that I was completely off in calling my husband babe since he's in fact not a baby. Also fanfic lore? Give me a fuckin break.

Also I really hate it when a person asks for a certain thing but then the person their asking it from just doesn't understand what it is your looking for. When I ask for recs on written podfic that usually means written like the type you read and not listen to. At least I didn't ask for just podfic and expect people to know right away what it is I'm talking about. If you ask for something written then obviously that means that I'm searching for something thats well...written. Makes sense doesn't it? Apparently though written is a very hard thing to understand. I'm confused, what do you mean when you say written? What you should have actually said was I'm dumb.

I'm really sorry about this but I was already in a bad mood and the stupid people just made it worse. Maybe I shouldn't call them stupid people (it is a nic name and isn't that the whole point of this) but how else will they know who I'm talking about.
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So I realized to late that this should've been put under a cut. I've changed it and it has been done.

Put under a cut for potential SPN spoilers. )
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I don't watch American Idol. I really really don't. I cannot stand the show. I only watched this season because of Danny. Yes all because of Danny Noriega. With the sexy eyes and the adorable face and that little hip shake thing he did while singing tainted love made me wanna do things to him that even my husband would never allow me to do. And no..I'm not afraid to admit that that makes me just a little bit shallow.

But now that he's gone I'm boycotting the rest of the season. Hell, I'm boycotting the show altogether. I think people suck(including me). More people should have voted for him. They get rid of all the good people while the people like Amanda Overmyre(don't even get me started on her rendition of Carry On My Wayward Son which forced me to go home and play that song about 15 times just so that song wouldn't be forever ruined for me) get to stay. It's so unfair.

I didn't even watch the episode. I just knew that it was gonna happen. But when I went to the AI website to find out who got voted off I just had to go search youtube so I could watch his final performance. That boy gets better every time I watch him. My mom who is an American Idol fanatic missed the episode too and she's gonna be disappointed right along with me and my sister.

I just have one thing to say to Danny, "You definitely got yourself some fans."

Oh and for those that haven't seen it here goes the saddest thing you'll ever see(besides all the Sam and Dean crying in the Supernatural episode Heart. Wanna talk about making someone want to cry? Poor Sam!). )
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