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My niece absolutely hates her crib. Normally she'll get herself stuck between the bars on her crib on purpose (we've watched) cause she knows that when she starts screaming we'll come running. She's a very smart kid. She knows how to manipulate us into doing what she wants us to do.

I put her down for a nap one day and didn't start screaming and this is why.

And this bitch actually has 4 kids (see above cutie). This is my stupid sister Mindy who refuses to look like an adult even though she's 26. lol
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So, we moved yesterday. I swear it looks like we moved into the first house ever made though. I swear it's the ugliest thing ever built. And it looks like the oldest. It's a fixer upper and the guy who owns it is a friend of his. He's letting us live there rent free for a year while we fix it up.

My husband is a carpenter and it's like a wet dream for him. For me, not so much. I like it just fine but the brown carpet looks like it used to be shag but it had a shave, there's brown paneling on the wall and it's bubbling up in places, there's a window above the kitchen sink that doesn't overlook the backyard but the laundry room, the linoleum in the main bathroom is peeling floral, there's a cable jack in every room except the living room, and the shelves in my giant closet look like bunk beds.

It's very scary. I'm excited about the move and all but I'm hoping that he's gonna just let us buy it so we can fix it up the way I want we want it.

I've got pics. One of Summer with her glasses and one of my sister and her boyfriend. )

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