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Two lives lost during yesterday's tornadoes. Casualties for today's storms are up to 51 and I'm sure that number is only going to rise. Casualties which include children at Plaza Towers Elementary. We caught a break when all children at Briarwood Elementary were accounted for and safe. I was watching the coverage while waiting for the storm to hit here in MWC and I heard the news that a school was hit and my heart wanted to stop. My step-daughter who is loved so very much goes to East Moore High. We couldn't call her because cell service was down for hours and they wouldn't let any children leave until a few hours ago. We were able to get ahold of her mom and she told us that the tornado just missed Ashley's school by about a mile. Then they covered the Moore Warren theater (where triage has been set up) being hit and my father-in-law lives right behind it about two blocks away. We couldn't reach them either. We finally found out that they're okay and that their house only suffered minor damage.

None of my family was hurt in today's storm and still today was a day of nerves all over the place. So I can't even begin to imagine how the people who lost loved ones today and yesterday feel right now. Some who have already been through this back on May 3, 1999. Today's tornado took an eerily similar path through Moore as it did then. And at a mile wide it was just as big and even more damaging. Then the storm turned more east than NE and we here in MWC got lucky that it didn't continue the same path as it did in 99. I am sitting in a house that was rebuilt after that tornado.

We are expecting more severe weather for the rest of the week minus Wednesday and I seriously don't think that we can survive another hit like these last two. But there are so many people out there who showed up to help. We have the Red Cross out here, we have the National Guard, we have the Regional Food Bank, Salvation Army, and the various churches setting up shelters for those whose homes have been destroyed, and local radio staions and news stations who are setting up donation centers. My brother is a volunteer firefighter and they called him to come out and help with search and rescue in some of the hardest hit areas. I want to thank all of them. Without them we would be completely lost and we'd give up and stop fighting.

And to all the asshats who are using this tragedy as an excuse to make political statements and think we're here for your amusement you can go right to hell. Our Sen. is a douchebag who opposed sending funds for Sandy relief. Doesn't mean that we all agreed with that sentiment. And we didn't create this storm so that we'd get free money that we could somehow throw in anybody else's face. Or that we're going to use this as a reason to push climate change issues on everybody. Right now the only thing we're interested in is making sure our loved ones are safe and trying to pick up the pieces of our lives. Please just let us hurt in peace.
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I'm completely happy just calling him Doctor with his respective number. Like 9th, 10th, or 11th. I'll even call them by their real names if necessary.
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I'd like to say mine has been great but that'd be a lie. My niece and my nephew caught the stomach flu and I went over to my sister's to help take care of them and my sister, my brother-in-law, and I wound up catching it. It's been so long since I've been sick that I forgot how many stomach muscles went into throwing up. I felt okay all day besides a slight headache. Went to McDonald's with my sister and my brother-in-law was throwing up the whole time we we there. They dropped me off and I started throwing up. My sister called when she got home and she had started throwing up. I've been downing ginger ale and pepto all night but it's not helping with keeping anything down. On the plus side though at least if it's not helping with keeping anything down I've got something in my stomach to throw up and it's slightly less painful. I'm going back over to my sister's later. Three kids with two getting over it and two sick parents and another kid who is likely to get it. I figure three sick adults would be better at taking care of three kids than two.
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I can't believe I put off everything until today..AGAIN. I felt so icky yesterday that I went to sleep around 7:30 last night and woke up at 4:00 this morning to a very special Christmas eve gift from a certain mother of nature. Yay!! Not. My mom was gonna come over last night and we were gonna wrap presents but I fell asleep. I was gonna wash clothes last night but again I fell asleep. I was gonna clean the house yesterday but I felt yucky. Instead I'm stuck doing it all today. And on top of that I'm the biggest procrastinator in the whole world it feels like and all I've done so far is put some clothes in the washer. I'm supposed to be going over to my sister's tonight to spend tonight and tomorrow with my favoritest people. It's supposed to start snowing here in a little while. Hopefully I can get my ass into gear and make it over there before it starts snowing and it gets to late to hang with the kids before their bedtime. Happy Holidays to the people that celebrate and aren't all bah like I am this time of year. Not a fan of Christmas and this is just a giant reminder of why.
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My sister called crying and told me to turn on the news and I regret that I did. How could somebody do something like this? I will never understand how somebody can hurt a child.

But wait it gets better here with this woman bitching about missing her soaps.

Grrr I am so fucking mad, I am a very self centered person and so therefor if it does not directly affect me or my family I don't care that 27 people in conneticut were shot, sorry you can hate me if you want but why the fuck must you interrupt my soap...what the fuck is the point of the 4 o'clock news then if you're interrupting my 1 o'clock soap...besides I thought channel 7 was supposed to be chicagos very own????

This thing is spreading around facebook like wildfire. She's looking for supporters and so far consensus is she's a cold bitch.
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I think the Holiday Card Project is such an awesome idea. It's a great way to make somebody feel good and it's inexpensive if you don't have the money this holiday season to donate anything more. I plan on sending a couple cards this time around.


Nov. 7th, 2012 12:22 am
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Was watching Philly D and SourceFed live coverage on youtube when the news came in. So freaking happy with the outcome. A little unhappy that Philly D's prediction of Obama losing the popular vote to Romney and winning the electoral vote came true. I really don't see how anybody could vote for Romney in good conscience. Watching the live coverage from Chicago right now on Was watching the coverage from Boston earlier before Romney came out but after the news came in and the difference between the crowd was just so obvious. Obama's people are so happy and smiling and dancing and Romney's people are sad and frowny face and reserved.
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So I'm glad that in spite of what the jerk said to her -and the very condescending way he said it- she was able to send out an awesome message to her bully and other bullies.

You guys want to talk about "fat" people in the spot light setting bad examples? But you have women out there promoting starvation so they can fit into baby jeans? And there are girls out there literally starving themselves so they can look the same. Both lifestyles are unhealthy I agree but she said she has 3 kids and sometimes it's really hard to lose baby weight. She really didn't look like she was intentionally trying to be that big. Next it's gonna be "ugly" people that should have a personal responsibility. Judging somebody by what you see on the outside is shallow and it will make you miss out some some very good things in life. Everybody is beautiful until they show that they aren't on the inside.

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Until my mom moves from Florida back to Oklahoma. She was having big issues with her boyfriend in Florida and has decided to leave his ass. He was the only reason she moved there in the first place. We're all mommy's kids and we're happy to have her moving back home. I've been searching for a house here in the Midwest City area for her. She's gonna share a house with her best friend from childhood (when she lived in Ohio) and my sister.
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You did the same with all the CSI shows. You did it with Without A Trace. You're trying to do it with NCIS. You cancel all the good shows and leave shows like Survivor and Amazing Race and Big Brother. And now you've did it with another one. Gonna miss you Hawaii Five-O.
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Some jackass lit one of the local parks on fire. My nephews, my niece and I were walking back from the other park when we smelled the smoke. We got back to our Grandpa's house and saw the smoke. Black smoke and the smell of burning rubber and plastic. They cover the ground in rubber pieces so it's safer for the children and 90% of the toys are made of plastic. We walked down there after they got the fire out and they have crime scene tape around the whole toy area and they were trying to determine the cause. I'm almost certain that it was teenagers playing with fire and probably not thinking. But since our whole state is under a burn ban it didn't take much for things to just go up.
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Bill did an amazing job on his and Michelle Obama is a very classy First Lady and completely gorgeous and beautiful but I think I was most inspired by our President's speech. It was absolutely amazing to watch. I could not stop smiling the whole way through.

Obama's speech

Michelle's speech

Bill's speech

I recommend watching ALL of the speeches and not just these three but these were the absolute best.
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Wow I can't believe how time seems to fly. Tomorrow is my nephew Caleb's birthday and he's gonna be 6 years old. It seems like it was yesterday (or 3 or 4 days ago since he's got younger sibs now) that we were teching him how to sit up and how to walk. Now he's in school and getting in trouble for stuff that doesn't include throwing his food around the house. I miss his baby years but I can't wait to watch his next years either.
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What kind of person breaks up with somebody while they're in the hospital after being diagnosed with 6 weeks to live? She might not be on my most favorite list (more like she's on my least fave list) but we were best friends once upon a time and nobody deserves to be treated like that. He won't return her calls and her family refuses to come see her. And she's so scared and lonely that she's calling people that she knows does not like her and asking them to come and sit with her for a while. So my sister and I and a few other people are thinking about visiting her just so she's not so alone. Hopefully this time we don't get burned like we have with her so many times before. I'm not saying I want her to die but she's pulled stuff like this before and I don't want to feel bad for someone who thinks playing with people's feelings are okay. Even so I know for a fact that she's in the hospital and she's lost her hair from chemo. And he himself told me that there's nothing he can do and that they're broke up. I think he means there's nothing he wants to do. You don't treat people you claim to love like that. He even called her family to come get their kids so "they" wouldn't have to put up with him for the next two years. I'm thinking that even if she's just telling people that she's dying for sympathy (she has done this before) she still has a lot of other crap to deal with and we should all just be there for her.

You see this type of bullshit in movies but nobody ever really knows someone like that. I can actually say that I knew someone that was such a dick that he broke up with his dying wife. How disappointing is it that I can say that?
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Why am I not shocked they've managed to make the first hour of my birthday suck. Of course my husband and his brother and his brother's girlfriend are so good at making any day suck I guess I'm used to it. The thought of spending my birthday with or even being near them on my birthday makes me feel like I want to physically vomit. Thank god for my sister. I will be going over there to hang out with people who don't make me angry just by acting stupid or just talking period. The only thing I have to worry about over there is the crazy. Seriously I had two weirdos messaging me from the same facebook account arguing back and forth. My sister and our (somewhat) brother just generally being the good kind of crazy. Except for the part where I was offered birthday spankings. Just sad that Kevin's wife will be gone the whole day doing her PT.
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since it's been a few days since this came out and I just got it today. They've announced who will play Steve McGarrett's long lost mother and I'm happy with who they picked. I hope she becomes a regular part of the cast and not just a few parts here and there.

edit: She will have a recurring role!
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I called my mom in Florida yesterday and she was watching my sister's kids while they were out job hunting. I talked to my niece and nephews and god I miss them so much. They were telling me they love me and miss me and I just wanted to cry. My 5 yr old nephew Caleb asked me if I was gonna move down there and I had to tell him no and he just asked me why?

I probably won't even be visiting any time to soon. My sister and I have talked a few times in the past few weeks but I'm still angry at her for just up and leaving home with no thought or planning. And I can't be around her husband because I do blame him and feel that it is all his fault for everything that's happened in the last few months. Putting me in the same room, house, city, or state as him right now would probably have very bad results. I hate that it's this way because my sister, our little brother and me..we're all the family we had left here that hasn't moved or hates us and all three of us were best friends. Now I can barely get through a conversation with her without awkwardness. And our little brother hasn't talked to her at all. We might be bitter.
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Adam Lambert's Trespassing album hits number 1 on the Billboard. Congrats to Adam Lambert for being the only openly gay musician to hit the top spot. You've earned it and deserve it I say.

The teaser for Adam's new video Never Close Our Eyes came out (along with the aol sessions version) and all I can say is...that video needs to be out now. I can't wait to actually see it. Better Than I Know Myself was awesome but this just looks fantastic.

And fuck you very much to the Atlantic Wire who referred to Adam Lambert as the Gay Frankenstein and shudders at the thought of Adam being america's "most popular musician". What have you done lately?
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My sister tells me she's moving to Florida..on the same day she plans to leave. With her husband...who she's been separated from for the last almost 5 months. All because he slept with somebody's girlfriend and he's terrified of getting his ass kicked so he wants to leave state. He crawled crying (like a little bitch) to my sister and once again my sister fell for the bullshit. And because he's not man enough to man up my sister shows up with him and her kids to tell me that she is leaving. I feel like I've been stabbed in the back by my own sister. Every single time my sister got in a jam I cleaned up the mess. I took care of her kids when she was low or in the hospital. I practically raised them myself..and now she's taking them away. I know they're her kids but I had a total of 1 minute to tell them I loved them and to say goodbye. Whatever...obviously all the shit my brother and I have done for her means absolutely nothing when she can have a husband who treats her like shit.

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