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So Oklahoma isn't well known for it's earthquakes but we've been having them almost daily for the last year it seems.Before this year we'd have one or two a year maybe but so far this year we've had over 100 of them. They've gotten worse in the last 4 days. First there was this earthquake that was the very first earthquake I'd ever felt. Then this epic OK earthquake then the tornadoes today then the earthquake we just literally had like an hour ago. So far this month seems to be trying to kill people from Oklahoma if this Oklahoma earthquake list (just from the month of November) is anything to go by. It's not the earthquakes that scare me. It's the tornadoes that freak me out. I still have that childlike glee towards the earthquakes at the moment. Yes, it is shameful but it's fun to watch my sister freak out. I pretty much hopped on facebook right after each one and posted about it. I think everybody did because it got so bad that somebody posted this picture just for us.

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