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I will never respect or feel sympathy for these whiners. I know that's really harsh but I'm one of the ones who actually was proud of the Covenant team for winning and thought what happened to them and coach Grimes was shit. It's not the other girls fault you sucked so bad. So excuse me for not feeling the respect when it wasn't felt towards actual winners. Don't you think you got enough sympathy with all the whining and crying over your last big giant epic failure?
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This rant was inspired by this article here and this article here.

So these really awesome girls got a huge defeat over another rival school right. 100-0 to be precise. Only apparently it wasn't an awesome win. Apparently it is in "BAD TASTE" to make such a huge win. The girls are being made to forfeit their win so the other girls who didn't score 1 damn point can have the win since it was such a shame and embarrassment that it happened. I don't think that the Covenant girls should be punished for playing to the best of their skills. It's wrong and it's basically teaching all these young impressionable teenagers that it's okay to get by on life as second string. And teaching the ones who actually work hard that it will absolutely get you fucking nowhere in life if you achieve your fucking goals.

I think they should have been congratulated on their victory and that should've been that. But NO we've got the fucking headmaster and the fucking parents of the losing team bitching about how it just wasn't fair. Fucking suck it up bitches. So your girls won huge, be proud; so your girls fucking sucked, teach them to work harder and practice more. If I were a parent of any one of the Covenant girls I'd have pulled my kid from there and had a smackdown drag out fight with the Dallas parents over the shit talked about my child. Oh nothing was said directly to the girls (that we know about) but it was damn well implied that this was all theirs and the coaches fault. And don't bitch about all the people cheering for the other team. If your team hadn't been 0 for the last 4 fucking seasons people would probably have cheered for them too. If not then all you had to do was open your motherfucking mouths and do the cheering yourself. Not that hard. Its a given that the coaches are gonna cheer for their girls and its a given that people are gonna cheer hard for the winning team.

Don't even get me started on the motherfucking director of the Texas Association of Private and Parochial Schools. What was the coach supposed to do? Tell his girls to stop scoring points so that the other team didn't feel like losers. Last I heard that's fucking cheating. Not like they weren't gonna be losers in the end anyways.

And it's not like the Dallas girls aren't taking advantage of it anyways. Everyones seeing them as the good guys instead of the losers they are. I really don't mean to speak bad of them but it's really unfair for them to get all the credit for something they didn't even win. "The story has received national attention, and the Dallas Academy team has been recognized for refusing to give up during the lopsided contest." Queal said school officials met with Dallas Academy officials to apologize and praised "each member of the Dallas Academy Varsity Girls Basketball team for their strength, composure and fortitude in a game in which they clearly emerged the winner. But you fucking lost. Where's the recognition for Covenant? Nowhere because all the the motherfuckers who KNOW that Dallas got their asses handed to them fair and square couldn't handle it and got their way by bitching and crying. Way to go!

And it's completely unfair that Covenant's coach got fired for refusing to apologize for his girls win. Gotta respect a man for standing his ground and not giving up on what he believes in. It's not his job to coddle the other team's players. It's his job to let his girls play TO THE BEST OF THEIR SKILL and let them know whatever happens they did their best. I commend this coach and I think whatever team he coaches next is very lucky to have someone like him on their team.

I feel sorry for the Covenant girls. Besides the coach they are the ones being punished the most. Like I said they've got the headmaster, the other parents, and the fucking press on their asses making them seem like the bad guys. What if one of them agrees with the coach and doesn't believe that an apology should be given? Does she get booted out of school for it? Are they all being punished through the school? How do we know that the headmaster isn't taking the bad press out on the girls? I don't think these girls have anything to be ashamed about at all. It's the headmaster and the parents that should.

If this is what going to church school and believing in god gets you then leave me and mine the fuck out of it. If having class and honor means you have to think of others feelings before you win then fuck I don't want it. But seriously where's the honor in pretending that I suck at something I obviously don't? Where's the honor in allowing myself to get left behind holding someone's hand when I could get ahead? That's the case some people are gonna be working at Burger King for a long fucking time. Fuck your dream of becoming a doctor cause you might trample someone's feelings along the way.

Moral 1: It's okay to get by in life by cheating other people out of their victory and getting away with it.

Moral 2: Always assume that you shouldn't make it big because someone will always prove you right.

Anyways thats enough of that. I know most people won't agree with me on this and I really don't fucking care if you do or not but I just wanted everybody to know that I don't agree with these fuckers. People like them are why people disappoint me.

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