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Not a big fan of Christmas and I tend to get a little bah humbug during the holiday season. My nephews and my niece are the only reasons I even acknowledge this holiday. So to all that feel the same way you are definitely not alone and to those who love Christmas then I hope this is your best one yet. Searched Christmas anime and a whole lot of Christmas porn popped up lol...really revealing pictures seriously.

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Hope everybody's day turns out a little better than mine is going right now.

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It finally stopped bonus. After they had to close all interstates and everybody's christmas eve plans had to be cancelled because of it.

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to everybody who celebrates. And if you don't I hope you still have a good day. I'm gonna just because it stopped snowing finally. Although I'm stuck at home because the road conditions still suck.
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Since my sister will be off doing girlfriend stuff with her boyfriends family I gave my gifts to them early this year. Anyways my nephew Caleb (and Zacky since he's into anything his big brother is into) is real big into stuff like make believe so I bought each one a styrofoam (safer with Caleb) sword. Caleb and my little brother ran around the house for an hour and a half playing cowardly knight and ruthless pirate. Caleb was so into it and his face was bright red from laughing so hard and he was running around squinting one eye closed saying arghh I'm a pirate. I wish I had brought my camera so I could've got a video of it because it was probably the cutest thing ever.

My sister wound up getting me a journal (because I'm obsessed with them either virtual or not) and a really goofy glittery pen. It's almost embarrassing the amount of journals I have tucked away in my closet.

My mother-in-law..the super religious one who hates me because I don't believe in god actually bought me a present this year. I was joking around about it with my step-son..who she also hates because he's gay who also got a book called Can You Be Christian and Gay..talking about how it's probably a jesus book because that's what she usually gets me and he told me it's in a box and not heavy enough to be a book. He thinks it's clothes and my first thought was it's a skirt (she doesn't wear pants) that's gonna go way past my feet. Apparently though my step-daughter picked it out and she knows I don't wear skirts so I'm not too worried about it.

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