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OMG LEBAQUE, GOVERNMENT, and CHRISTIANS how could I have forgot that your opinions matter to me? Please don't be angry that I used the f word or the b word or that I tried to have an opinion (that was tame in comparison to some) that was my own on something that not only matters to me but the whole of America. Unless of course you are one of many that trolls the internet for people who don't conform to how you think it should be or said. I'm so sorry if my bad language offended you. In future I will try to remember that it matters to me how you feel and what you say. Oh I won't because I made a point and you noticed and it got to you. In future if you don't want to be disrespected with profanity then I suggest you not disrespect people by telling them what to say. Cause I am a sarcastic bitch and I will use it when I feel the need.
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I was gonna post a picture of somebody flipping you off but then I remembered the censor if you could just imagine somebody flipping you off...that'd be hella great.

You like how I surfed the net and stole these pictures just for you..oh noes the censor trolls might get mad and ban me from the internets for doing something they don't like.

a video

Nov. 17th, 2011 09:29 pm
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Sex. Ass. Falun gong. Chances are, if youre reading this right now, you dont live in Yemen, Myanmar, or China. Internet censorship can take many forms, from restricting private internet access to blocking searches for politically volatile keywords. Exercise your internet freedom by taking a look at our latest Transparency.

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The bitchier I get on here and facebook and the more I show it the better I feel. And I am aware that I'm being immature but that is my point. The whole point is that I can say or act or do whatever the hell I want to on the internet (within reason) without people telling me what I can or can't say, do, or want..yet. I'm prepared to go as far as I can to get my MOTHER FUCKING (did you like that) point across. How's that posturing for you?
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and this

Nov. 17th, 2011 02:30 pm
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found this while surfing the internets (because that's my RIGHT)

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I can post to piss people off. This seems a lot more fun than facebook at the moment..but considering I've got people over there trying to tell me I can't post certain stuff either it's kind of a toss up between here and there.
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Do I come to your lj and tell you what you should write? Then don't come the fuck to mine and tell me what to write. Considering the post was over censorship and my feelings on it were pretty clear you deserve my bitchiness in simplest form.
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Umm..hell to the mother fucking no. As much as it pains me to say everybody has the right to say or post whatever the hell they want. Today it's censoring the internets and tomorrow it's censoring lives.

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