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Wow I can't believe how time seems to fly. Tomorrow is my nephew Caleb's birthday and he's gonna be 6 years old. It seems like it was yesterday (or 3 or 4 days ago since he's got younger sibs now) that we were teching him how to sit up and how to walk. Now he's in school and getting in trouble for stuff that doesn't include throwing his food around the house. I miss his baby years but I can't wait to watch his next years either.
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5th birthday..and he's only been reminding us for the last 2 months. And somehow every event managed to lead right back to his birthday So happy 5th birthday baby boy.
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So today was my nephew's birthday and we were supposed to go get his school shots. Shots that he can only get after he's already turned four.And with school starting in a few days this was the only chance we had to go get it done. We got to the doctor's office only to realize that they had moved offices. My sister never got a letter saying they moved and they didn't even say anything when she called to make the appointment. We called to get an address for the new place but we never got through. So we left and we finally got through only to tell us that they moved right across the street and that their sign wasn't up yet. So we kinda felt foolish after that but I think she might be thinking about changing physicians for the fact that it's the decent thing to let patients know that they're moving.

Anyways the poor kid lucked out for the weekend and scored some pretty awesome gifts for his b-day..including a lot of Spongebob stuff (that was the theme) and a brand new hd tv which is what he originally told everybody that he wanted for his b-day.
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So today is my nephew's 3rd birthday. That boy is growing up way to fast. This year I decided I'd let him pick out 1 of his own presents and he walked from toy isle to toy isle seriously checking out every toy they had and we were there for hours. There for awhile he was sure he wanted the little toy Dirt Devil vacuum (he's obsessed..I think cause he used to be terrified of them and now he's not). He finally decided on some big toy truck that makes noise. sister is gonna hate my guts in a few days.

I was doing the whole wiki birthday thing for Caleb's birthday and noticed that today is also Jim Beaver's birthday. Happy Birthday Jim Beaver. Hope it's an excellent one.

My moms in town. I'm so happy. Since her kids are scattered all across the state she's going from city to city staying a few days with each. My oldest brother had his turn, my little bro had his turn and since it's Caleb's birthday it's Mindy's turn. We'd all get together at once but my sister and our 2 older brothers don't get along very well and it'd be really bad.

I totally didn't know until after I watched Fast & Furious that Don Omar actually plays in Fast & Don. I've been obsessed (pattern?) with him since Tokyo Drift. And to show how much I don't pay attention (to anything but the Dom/Brian ness) Virtual Diva is the song that plays during the club scene. The one where Dom walks in and sees Brian playing pool. My favorite song! And I didn't even notice it.
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Dean realizes it a split-second later that Jude is actually staring at Sam’s ass. Really staring at it like it’s the second coming. (Well, to be technical, Sam’s ass has caused Dean’s second coming before … Dean laughs at that and thankfully everyone else is too drunk to notice.)

Best line in a fic ever. It's from Only Doing it for the Money by [ profile] albydarned. For some reason I was laughing about these 3 lines for days after reading the fic.

So today was my little sister's 25th birthday. Except I'm sure she's had better days. Her 2yr old woke her up by puking in her bed. Poor baby ran a fever all day and it made him very cranky. Cranky to the point of pulling his baby brother's bottle out of his mouth and throwing it just to make him cry. Then she started having Braxton Hick's contractions. But since the doctor said that more than likely the baby might be premature they might actually be real contractions. I'm on call just in case she has to go to the hospital. Hopefully with all the complications with this pregnancy it turns out to be nothing.

Speaking of the little brats I have pictures of my baby boys. I've got about a zillion of them because they both love their picture being taken but I'm only gonna show 5 that I took recently. And 1 of my sister and 1 of her daughter Summer.

5 pics of the baby brats, 1 of Mindy and Caleb, and 1 of Summer. )

So those are my sister's babies but I help raise them and people for some reason think their MY kids when we're out in public anyways. So I'm jokingly the 2nd mom. And my sister who says even though this baby wasn't planned still wants 1 more. 5 kids to my big fat 0. She'll probably rethink her decision.

Anyways Happy Birthday Mindy.

2yrs old

Aug. 12th, 2008 06:45 am
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My nephew Caleb is 2 yrs old today. Everybody keeps mentioning stuff about the terrible 2s and I'm like that boy hit terrible 2s long ago. Anybody with children knows that the terrible 2s doesn't always begin and end with just 2. I mean that's been my experience with ALL my nieces and nephews. I just can't believe that he's 2 already. It seems like he was a few months old not too long ago. But I guess that spots been filled by his baby brother Zacky. Anyways Happy Birthday baby boy.

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