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Obligatory resource post. Let me know if I have your stuff and your not credited here. I want everybody to be credited for their stuff. I've tried really hard to keep up with everyone's stuff but I know I have to have missed someone. I've d/led to many people's stuff not to have. What can I say? I'm a texture and brush whore.

Most wonderful people in all the land )

I'm sure there are others but I can't think right now. My computer crashed and all my links are now gone. If you see something of yours but credit for it is not in here then please let me know. It is NOT my intention to steal anything.

[Edit] Some of the brush makers made textures I took and likewise some of the texture makers made brushes that I took.
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There's 20 dotted line brushes in here. Image packs + .jbr files. I got super bored and I was trying to figure out something to do with a picture I was messing around with and these are what I came up with. These were made in about 15 minutes in Paint Shop Pro Photo XI.

Comment: If you like or even if you don't.
Credit: [ profile]
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These are the first brushes I've ever made. I chose text because I'm obsessed with text brushes. There are 45 plain text brushes made in PSP X. Image pack and .jbr files.

examples of the brushes

You can download the brushes from right here on my deviant art. As this is the first time ever making brushes it's also the first time uploading brushes.

Done with the font Amaze downloaded from Mom's Corner.

Comments are very appreciated. How else will I know if anybody likes them.
Credit is also appreciated. Credit [ profile] slash_solace in your userinfo or resource post.

[EDIT]: Link has been fixed. I apologise for that.

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