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Toady is my nephews's 4th birthday. For almost a whole month him and his sister shared an age..but now he gets to be the older brother again. Happy Birthday Zacky and Tina!! Today is also Cinco de Mayo and if that's a holiday you celebrate then I hope you have a good one.

So I'm pretty sure somebody in my house took my sister's wallet out of her purse then hid the purse in my backyard and is now trying to convince me the purse appeared back there magically. I totally got to get me one of these magic purses because my purse just sits there doing nothing and when I need it I actually have to get up and go to it instead of it coming to me...magically.
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which means the return of Leverage, Burn Notice, old and new eps of Supernatural, and White Collar. And while I'm not a huge fan of White Collar I can see certain Neal/Peter slashy undertones that are definitely a positive for me.

That my step-daughter's birthday (Dec 31) is now over. Happy birthday Ashley.

My sister's ex-husband's b-day was yesterday. Happy Birthday Clint.

And her boyfriend's brother's birthday is coming up. Happy Birthday Ron even if I don't like you all that much anymore.

My sister moved into her new house on the 1st and it's super beautiful even if it's not fully renovated yet. Her boyfriend went all out when buying and remodeling this house. New sinks for kitchen and bathrooms. New floors for kitchen, dining room, and bathrooms. He had the fireplace completely redone (thank god because the previous owners painted it green and yellow). All the walls painted. He had a half door put on the kid's room. Casing, basing, and crowning comes next. Then he's having the driveway extended into the ba

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