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Friends with Benefits might be the greatest show ever. Found it on netflix early this morning and decided to give it a try and didn't stop watching until I got to the last episode. Why is there not more of that show? Danneel is awesome in that show and every time I see Danneel Ackles in the beginning credits I get all girly and squee because it's just so awesome. I'm just trying to figure out if it's wrong to want to read Ben/Sara fic.
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Toady is my nephews's 4th birthday. For almost a whole month him and his sister shared an age..but now he gets to be the older brother again. Happy Birthday Zacky and Tina!! Today is also Cinco de Mayo and if that's a holiday you celebrate then I hope you have a good one.

So I'm pretty sure somebody in my house took my sister's wallet out of her purse then hid the purse in my backyard and is now trying to convince me the purse appeared back there magically. I totally got to get me one of these magic purses because my purse just sits there doing nothing and when I need it I actually have to get up and go to it instead of it coming to me...magically.
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Wooden warns that gay men shove cell phones, baseball bats and animals up their anuses

This guy is disgusting and not interested in anything remotely concerning the truth but instead trying to win over supporters with stereotypes. I'm thinking he probably understands first hand what he's talking about.

He can't even come up with a good reason why he thinks homosexuals are disgusting. It seems like he's fishing and he's trying to put sentences together that he thinks sounds good to all his backwards followers. When in reality to everyone else the things he's saying make him sound like he might've showed up high on something.

Anybody who can say these things with a straight face and actually believe them has to be crazy.


Jan. 14th, 2012 10:34 pm
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am currently watching it on Netflix and it rocks. What's not to love about a movie that has Josh Hartnett, Gackt, and Woody Harrelson. Plus the narrator Mike Patton did an excellent job and has the perfect freakin voice (who by the way also does voices for various video games including my sister's fave Left 4 Dead 2 in which he does the voices for the infected) for this type of movie. He made the movie experience way more enjoyable. Though I heard a lot of bad about this movie before I'd watched it I was already set on watching it just because the cast (but mostly Gackt). Turns out the whole thing was awesome.
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Not a big fan of Christmas and I tend to get a little bah humbug during the holiday season. My nephews and my niece are the only reasons I even acknowledge this holiday. So to all that feel the same way you are definitely not alone and to those who love Christmas then I hope this is your best one yet. Searched Christmas anime and a whole lot of Christmas porn popped up lol...really revealing pictures seriously.

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...I was absolutely crushed when OU lost our Bedlam game against rival OSU. I was sad when we lost to TT and Baylor but our defeat against the Cowboys was crushing (literally). I admit I had to stop watching before the 2nd quarter was even over. Seems everybody here has this idea that Alabama didn't deserve the right to a rematch with LSU because "nobody wants to see a rematch" not even considering that they EARNED it. Alabama lost 1 game and it was to the #1 team and OSU lost to Iowa which wasn't even a ranked team. Sure OSU suffered a tragedy that morning by the loss of their basketball coach but um football players here peoples (and if we'd like to get technical we could explain our losses away as losing Broyles and Box and having Landry on our team). Everybody wants their team to succeed but saying that your team worked harder and earned the right more than another team is just bias and doesn't make it true. There's this radio station here called 96.9 Bob fm that I was following on Facebook and one of the guys is a die hard OSU fan and he posted a petition to have the song Sweet Home Alabama banned nation wide from all radio stations. Needless to say Bob lost a listener or 2 for that ridiculous idea. Now I have people telling me that even though OU didn't make that I should be showing my pride in another Oklahoma team and be all "bad Alabama" and shit but that just ain't gonna happen. And to quote another OU is the color they wear in jail while crimson is the color of blood and represents life.
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You don't have to know anybody with aids or have aids to be affected by it. Make yourself aware today.

Go make a donation at

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Hope everybody gets as high on turkey as I plan on getting today.

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So Oklahoma isn't well known for it's earthquakes but we've been having them almost daily for the last year it seems.Before this year we'd have one or two a year maybe but so far this year we've had over 100 of them. They've gotten worse in the last 4 days. First there was this earthquake that was the very first earthquake I'd ever felt. Then this epic OK earthquake then the tornadoes today then the earthquake we just literally had like an hour ago. So far this month seems to be trying to kill people from Oklahoma if this Oklahoma earthquake list (just from the month of November) is anything to go by. It's not the earthquakes that scare me. It's the tornadoes that freak me out. I still have that childlike glee towards the earthquakes at the moment. Yes, it is shameful but it's fun to watch my sister freak out. I pretty much hopped on facebook right after each one and posted about it. I think everybody did because it got so bad that somebody posted this picture just for us.

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I just got back from taking my niece and nephews around with my sister. The two youngest were less than happy with all the walking but perfectly happy with all the candy they were getting. They fell asleep in the car on the way home and are now not tired and still awake eating their happy meals at least. The oldest went back out with his mom and sister to get even more loot. He went as a pirate and definitely was not in the mood to share his loot.

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probably is to good to be true...after the clusterfuck that is delicious new owners happened he's got all the people who no longer have accounts with delicious coming to him for a fix. Well, pinboard is a pay site..I'd pretend to cater to all the needs of the new people if they paid me the 10 bucks for a new account too. I've already got a livejournal that I need to upgrade and you know the food/clothes/bills/roof over my head thing is really important so $10 for me at the moment seems to much to pay for a bookmarking site when delicious is still right there and it's being updated every single day. SO I'm sorry pinboard guy but as wonderful as your site sounds..this broke woman is staying where she is..for now.

My mom

Jul. 29th, 2011 09:05 pm
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is coming in from Florida and will be here sometime today...obviously late. She's coming with my niece who went down there to visit with her nanna. We're all very excited to see her since the last time she was here was last year in June, July, and she left in the middle of August.

My nephew

Jul. 24th, 2011 12:51 pm
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decided he was gonna play around and knocked the desktop off the table and now the hard drive is completely screwed up. Now we only have the laptop but since the desktop is broke we're using it as the work computer. So I will have limited time on the computer which means limited time on facebook and livejournal. We're in the process of trying to find somebody to pull the reports off the hard drive and ask work for a new one or fix the old one to avoid that awkwardness.

So we went from 3 computers to one in a week. The other work computer which was a laptop refused to boot up and it's at the office where people are trying to pull the reports off it too. We are having zero luck with computers lately. I'm about ready to swear off computers completely.

Now I have no ideaa what I'm gonna do with all my free time. I guess I can always get to those things that needed to be done but I put off for lj or facebook.
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I really hate fighting with my sister. It's like fighting with my best friend. It's only been a couple of weeks but it feels like forever. Everytime someone/thing annoys me I want to call her up and bitch about it like we always do but then I remember we're not talking. My brother will call from her house and we'll talk and he'll ask if I want to talk to her and I want to say yes but then I'll panic and make up excuses about getting off the phone. It was a stupid fight and eventually we'll both get over it with no apologies necessary but I wish that time was now. At least when my brother calls she'll tell him to update me on the kids and tell me that they miss me.
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My sister ordered chinese food the other day and while we were waiting in the parking lot for our order to get done a truck pulled in behind us to the right and we weren't paying any attention until a little boy no older than 6 ran up behind a SUV pulling out next to us. Thank whatever that the SUV had time to stop before the little boy got hit. But that's not even the worst of this story. I'm guessing it was mom and grandparents who got all the way to the door (and it's a huge way from where they parked to the door) before the mom starting jumping up and down waving her arms and running back towards the passenger side of the truck. We couldn't see her from where we were parked but when she came walking back we could see that she was carrying a little bitty baby in her arms. A little bitty baby that she clearly was NOT carrying before (hence the waving arms). Three adults and one of them couldn't manage to remember that there was a baby in the vehicle with them?

I mean seriously. My sister has 4 kids that she drags around everywhere with her. Even with all the screaming and my sister being harried beyond repair she would never forget one of her kids. It hasn't happened once in the 7 years that she's had kids. Even if she was just going into 7-11 for a second she'd drag all 4 kids into the store with her. Too many bad things happen to kids who are left in cars and my sister would die before letting herself being the cause of one.

I'm not judging or saying she's a bad parent as I'm pretty sure they were scared after the little boy almost got hit by a truck but if you can so easily forget your other kid..that's fucked up.
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My niece absolutely hates her crib. Normally she'll get herself stuck between the bars on her crib on purpose (we've watched) cause she knows that when she starts screaming we'll come running. She's a very smart kid. She knows how to manipulate us into doing what she wants us to do.

I put her down for a nap one day and didn't start screaming and this is why.

And this bitch actually has 4 kids (see above cutie). This is my stupid sister Mindy who refuses to look like an adult even though she's 26. lol
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I just deleted all 369 messages in my inbox because I pushed the WRONG delete button again. This is the second time I have done this. I have a vague idea what was in the last few messages and a few scattered around here and there but beyond that I'm lost. There should be an option to turn off mass delete just for people like me.

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