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Why am I not shocked they've managed to make the first hour of my birthday suck. Of course my husband and his brother and his brother's girlfriend are so good at making any day suck I guess I'm used to it. The thought of spending my birthday with or even being near them on my birthday makes me feel like I want to physically vomit. Thank god for my sister. I will be going over there to hang out with people who don't make me angry just by acting stupid or just talking period. The only thing I have to worry about over there is the crazy. Seriously I had two weirdos messaging me from the same facebook account arguing back and forth. My sister and our (somewhat) brother just generally being the good kind of crazy. Except for the part where I was offered birthday spankings. Just sad that Kevin's wife will be gone the whole day doing her PT.
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H50 is nominated in 4 categories for best catch phrase, best didn't see that coming (1968), most shocking cliff hanger, and best car chase. Go vote!
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since it's been a few days since this came out and I just got it today. They've announced who will play Steve McGarrett's long lost mother and I'm happy with who they picked. I hope she becomes a regular part of the cast and not just a few parts here and there.

edit: She will have a recurring role!
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I called my mom in Florida yesterday and she was watching my sister's kids while they were out job hunting. I talked to my niece and nephews and god I miss them so much. They were telling me they love me and miss me and I just wanted to cry. My 5 yr old nephew Caleb asked me if I was gonna move down there and I had to tell him no and he just asked me why?

I probably won't even be visiting any time to soon. My sister and I have talked a few times in the past few weeks but I'm still angry at her for just up and leaving home with no thought or planning. And I can't be around her husband because I do blame him and feel that it is all his fault for everything that's happened in the last few months. Putting me in the same room, house, city, or state as him right now would probably have very bad results. I hate that it's this way because my sister, our little brother and me..we're all the family we had left here that hasn't moved or hates us and all three of us were best friends. Now I can barely get through a conversation with her without awkwardness. And our little brother hasn't talked to her at all. We might be bitter.
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Adam Lambert's Trespassing album hits number 1 on the Billboard. Congrats to Adam Lambert for being the only openly gay musician to hit the top spot. You've earned it and deserve it I say.

The teaser for Adam's new video Never Close Our Eyes came out (along with the aol sessions version) and all I can say is...that video needs to be out now. I can't wait to actually see it. Better Than I Know Myself was awesome but this just looks fantastic.

And fuck you very much to the Atlantic Wire who referred to Adam Lambert as the Gay Frankenstein and shudders at the thought of Adam being america's "most popular musician". What have you done lately?
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My sister tells me she's moving to Florida..on the same day she plans to leave. With her husband...who she's been separated from for the last almost 5 months. All because he slept with somebody's girlfriend and he's terrified of getting his ass kicked so he wants to leave state. He crawled crying (like a little bitch) to my sister and once again my sister fell for the bullshit. And because he's not man enough to man up my sister shows up with him and her kids to tell me that she is leaving. I feel like I've been stabbed in the back by my own sister. Every single time my sister got in a jam I cleaned up the mess. I took care of her kids when she was low or in the hospital. I practically raised them myself..and now she's taking them away. I know they're her kids but I had a total of 1 minute to tell them I loved them and to say goodbye. Whatever...obviously all the shit my brother and I have done for her means absolutely nothing when she can have a husband who treats her like shit.
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Friends with Benefits might be the greatest show ever. Found it on netflix early this morning and decided to give it a try and didn't stop watching until I got to the last episode. Why is there not more of that show? Danneel is awesome in that show and every time I see Danneel Ackles in the beginning credits I get all girly and squee because it's just so awesome. I'm just trying to figure out if it's wrong to want to read Ben/Sara fic.
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Toady is my nephews's 4th birthday. For almost a whole month him and his sister shared an age..but now he gets to be the older brother again. Happy Birthday Zacky and Tina!! Today is also Cinco de Mayo and if that's a holiday you celebrate then I hope you have a good one.

So I'm pretty sure somebody in my house took my sister's wallet out of her purse then hid the purse in my backyard and is now trying to convince me the purse appeared back there magically. I totally got to get me one of these magic purses because my purse just sits there doing nothing and when I need it I actually have to get up and go to it instead of it coming to me...magically.
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Screen Rant is usually good for their news and I'm probably still the last to know about this but oh well...celebrate. WooHoo!!!
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Am a little sick and this made me smile a little bit. A lot goofy and spoofy but completely worth it.

Epic Sales vs. IT office war.

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Wooden warns that gay men shove cell phones, baseball bats and animals up their anuses

This guy is disgusting and not interested in anything remotely concerning the truth but instead trying to win over supporters with stereotypes. I'm thinking he probably understands first hand what he's talking about.

He can't even come up with a good reason why he thinks homosexuals are disgusting. It seems like he's fishing and he's trying to put sentences together that he thinks sounds good to all his backwards followers. When in reality to everyone else the things he's saying make him sound like he might've showed up high on something.

Anybody who can say these things with a straight face and actually believe them has to be crazy.

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Not even going into SOPA right now because that is something for when I have more time. Livejournal is the topic of convo today and their article in which they reveal their future plans to turn livejournal into an ad agency and expect us to pay them for something that they aren't advertising for us. They're more interested in turning it into an homage to the great sellout facebook. I probably would have accepted the changes if it not for the extra ads and had they not came right out and said that they aren't interested in catering to it's "small but loyal" (could you sound any more condescending) american fanbase but rather more interested in catering to their greed.

My response:

"I was all ready to defend you guys but then I read the article really make it to easy to not.

In Feb I'll have been a member for 7 years. I don't spend time on any other site as much as this one. I've lived through profile changes and the deletion of basic account and ads and the numerous ddos attacks just to name a few major issues. But I dealt with it because I love this place and change is inevitable and can be good at times. I don't have a permanent account and my lj has been free more often than it's been paid but I'm one of those "small but loyal" users you were talking about not caring about.

We don't need more ads. Free users go to a lj and get a pop-up ad that you can't get around for up to 10 seconds. Paid users aren't logged in and they get ads all over the place. It's really sad to finally realize that livejournal sold out. Why don't you just finally turn the site into the ad agency you want it to be and be done with us "small but loyal" users.

I can't actually say that I'll completely leave lj but I won't be buying another paid account and I'll probably use my Dreamwidth account a lot more since I'm sure that after this fiasco a lot of people are going to be migrating over there.

And I hope after tromping all over your loyal customers you achieve the goal you're setting for livejournal."

They posted the article on lj homepage and were bragging about it because the actual number of people not in Russia or Singapore using lj is very small and what we have to say dims in comparison. Fuck you very much livejournal for disappointing me (and everybody else) yet again.


Jan. 14th, 2012 10:34 pm
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am currently watching it on Netflix and it rocks. What's not to love about a movie that has Josh Hartnett, Gackt, and Woody Harrelson. Plus the narrator Mike Patton did an excellent job and has the perfect freakin voice (who by the way also does voices for various video games including my sister's fave Left 4 Dead 2 in which he does the voices for the infected) for this type of movie. He made the movie experience way more enjoyable. Though I heard a lot of bad about this movie before I'd watched it I was already set on watching it just because the cast (but mostly Gackt). Turns out the whole thing was awesome.
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I have not actually been involved in a protest but I am for the Occupy movement. I've been in many arguments with people who call the protestors losers or clowns or dead beats. I've been called stupid and a man on Facebook actually called me a silly wench and accused me of not being smart enough to know that they're doing more harm than good. Then he brought one of his friends in on it and I had to tell them that my stupid got in the way of my ability to read.
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Not a big fan of Christmas and I tend to get a little bah humbug during the holiday season. My nephews and my niece are the only reasons I even acknowledge this holiday. So to all that feel the same way you are definitely not alone and to those who love Christmas then I hope this is your best one yet. Searched Christmas anime and a whole lot of Christmas porn popped up lol...really revealing pictures seriously.

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...I was absolutely crushed when OU lost our Bedlam game against rival OSU. I was sad when we lost to TT and Baylor but our defeat against the Cowboys was crushing (literally). I admit I had to stop watching before the 2nd quarter was even over. Seems everybody here has this idea that Alabama didn't deserve the right to a rematch with LSU because "nobody wants to see a rematch" not even considering that they EARNED it. Alabama lost 1 game and it was to the #1 team and OSU lost to Iowa which wasn't even a ranked team. Sure OSU suffered a tragedy that morning by the loss of their basketball coach but um football players here peoples (and if we'd like to get technical we could explain our losses away as losing Broyles and Box and having Landry on our team). Everybody wants their team to succeed but saying that your team worked harder and earned the right more than another team is just bias and doesn't make it true. There's this radio station here called 96.9 Bob fm that I was following on Facebook and one of the guys is a die hard OSU fan and he posted a petition to have the song Sweet Home Alabama banned nation wide from all radio stations. Needless to say Bob lost a listener or 2 for that ridiculous idea. Now I have people telling me that even though OU didn't make that I should be showing my pride in another Oklahoma team and be all "bad Alabama" and shit but that just ain't gonna happen. And to quote another OU is the color they wear in jail while crimson is the color of blood and represents life.
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A Christmas Story..I've watched that movie every year for the last 23 years or so.
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An awesome OU hoodie I saw at Walmart. My team might have lost our biggest game but I still got pride in my team and they need their fans (the ones who haven't turned their backs on them) to show them some love and support.

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