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This is why men think it's okay to treat women the way they do. Because there will always be these kind of women who expect women to just except the way they've been/are treated. Yeah, we're lucky we don't have laws encouraging men to beat, rape, and murder their women. That doesn't mean we're safe from it though. It happens everywhere.

Slut shaming? I don't think women are asking for too much to expect for their rapist to pay for what he did without all the questions of whether she deserved it or not. And the men should just keep their comments to themselves. Just because it was written by a women doesn't mean shit. It just means she hasn't been through anything like this and it's easy for her to look the other way and pretend she cares about what's going on somewhere else rather than what's going on in her own backyard. I'm glad for that. Even if she is ignorant I wouldn't want to wish it on anybody.

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