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What kind of person breaks up with somebody while they're in the hospital after being diagnosed with 6 weeks to live? She might not be on my most favorite list (more like she's on my least fave list) but we were best friends once upon a time and nobody deserves to be treated like that. He won't return her calls and her family refuses to come see her. And she's so scared and lonely that she's calling people that she knows does not like her and asking them to come and sit with her for a while. So my sister and I and a few other people are thinking about visiting her just so she's not so alone. Hopefully this time we don't get burned like we have with her so many times before. I'm not saying I want her to die but she's pulled stuff like this before and I don't want to feel bad for someone who thinks playing with people's feelings are okay. Even so I know for a fact that she's in the hospital and she's lost her hair from chemo. And he himself told me that there's nothing he can do and that they're broke up. I think he means there's nothing he wants to do. You don't treat people you claim to love like that. He even called her family to come get their kids so "they" wouldn't have to put up with him for the next two years. I'm thinking that even if she's just telling people that she's dying for sympathy (she has done this before) she still has a lot of other crap to deal with and we should all just be there for her.

You see this type of bullshit in movies but nobody ever really knows someone like that. I can actually say that I knew someone that was such a dick that he broke up with his dying wife. How disappointing is it that I can say that?
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