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I called my mom in Florida yesterday and she was watching my sister's kids while they were out job hunting. I talked to my niece and nephews and god I miss them so much. They were telling me they love me and miss me and I just wanted to cry. My 5 yr old nephew Caleb asked me if I was gonna move down there and I had to tell him no and he just asked me why?

I probably won't even be visiting any time to soon. My sister and I have talked a few times in the past few weeks but I'm still angry at her for just up and leaving home with no thought or planning. And I can't be around her husband because I do blame him and feel that it is all his fault for everything that's happened in the last few months. Putting me in the same room, house, city, or state as him right now would probably have very bad results. I hate that it's this way because my sister, our little brother and me..we're all the family we had left here that hasn't moved or hates us and all three of us were best friends. Now I can barely get through a conversation with her without awkwardness. And our little brother hasn't talked to her at all. We might be bitter.

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