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My sister tells me she's moving to Florida..on the same day she plans to leave. With her husband...who she's been separated from for the last almost 5 months. All because he slept with somebody's girlfriend and he's terrified of getting his ass kicked so he wants to leave state. He crawled crying (like a little bitch) to my sister and once again my sister fell for the bullshit. And because he's not man enough to man up my sister shows up with him and her kids to tell me that she is leaving. I feel like I've been stabbed in the back by my own sister. Every single time my sister got in a jam I cleaned up the mess. I took care of her kids when she was low or in the hospital. I practically raised them myself..and now she's taking them away. I know they're her kids but I had a total of 1 minute to tell them I loved them and to say goodbye. Whatever...obviously all the shit my brother and I have done for her means absolutely nothing when she can have a husband who treats her like shit.

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