May. 20th, 2013

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Two lives lost during yesterday's tornadoes. Casualties for today's storms are up to 51 and I'm sure that number is only going to rise. Casualties which include children at Plaza Towers Elementary. We caught a break when all children at Briarwood Elementary were accounted for and safe. I was watching the coverage while waiting for the storm to hit here in MWC and I heard the news that a school was hit and my heart wanted to stop. My step-daughter who is loved so very much goes to East Moore High. We couldn't call her because cell service was down for hours and they wouldn't let any children leave until a few hours ago. We were able to get ahold of her mom and she told us that the tornado just missed Ashley's school by about a mile. Then they covered the Moore Warren theater (where triage has been set up) being hit and my father-in-law lives right behind it about two blocks away. We couldn't reach them either. We finally found out that they're okay and that their house only suffered minor damage.

None of my family was hurt in today's storm and still today was a day of nerves all over the place. So I can't even begin to imagine how the people who lost loved ones today and yesterday feel right now. Some who have already been through this back on May 3, 1999. Today's tornado took an eerily similar path through Moore as it did then. And at a mile wide it was just as big and even more damaging. Then the storm turned more east than NE and we here in MWC got lucky that it didn't continue the same path as it did in 99. I am sitting in a house that was rebuilt after that tornado.

We are expecting more severe weather for the rest of the week minus Wednesday and I seriously don't think that we can survive another hit like these last two. But there are so many people out there who showed up to help. We have the Red Cross out here, we have the National Guard, we have the Regional Food Bank, Salvation Army, and the various churches setting up shelters for those whose homes have been destroyed, and local radio staions and news stations who are setting up donation centers. My brother is a volunteer firefighter and they called him to come out and help with search and rescue in some of the hardest hit areas. I want to thank all of them. Without them we would be completely lost and we'd give up and stop fighting.

And to all the asshats who are using this tragedy as an excuse to make political statements and think we're here for your amusement you can go right to hell. Our Sen. is a douchebag who opposed sending funds for Sandy relief. Doesn't mean that we all agreed with that sentiment. And we didn't create this storm so that we'd get free money that we could somehow throw in anybody else's face. Or that we're going to use this as a reason to push climate change issues on everybody. Right now the only thing we're interested in is making sure our loved ones are safe and trying to pick up the pieces of our lives. Please just let us hurt in peace.

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