Aug. 4th, 2012

zackysaint: (Gillian Anderson)
Why am I not shocked they've managed to make the first hour of my birthday suck. Of course my husband and his brother and his brother's girlfriend are so good at making any day suck I guess I'm used to it. The thought of spending my birthday with or even being near them on my birthday makes me feel like I want to physically vomit. Thank god for my sister. I will be going over there to hang out with people who don't make me angry just by acting stupid or just talking period. The only thing I have to worry about over there is the crazy. Seriously I had two weirdos messaging me from the same facebook account arguing back and forth. My sister and our (somewhat) brother just generally being the good kind of crazy. Except for the part where I was offered birthday spankings. Just sad that Kevin's wife will be gone the whole day doing her PT.

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